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Happy Year of Tiger

This is an in-house project created under the internship with Superunion for the 2022 Chinese New Year. My main role includes assisting in designing UI assets and front-end development with HTML/CSS and Three.js.

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Landing Page

My Role

Web Dev & Designer

Team Members

Jessica Tan

Paola Demichelis


Interactive Website


~1 months

Did you know that in Chinese a slot machine is called a ‘tiger machine’?

With that in mind, we’ve created our own so you can try your luck for the Lunar New Year. Pull the tiger’s paw to generate your own lucky cat from 5832 combinations of unique artworks produced by 18 designers across our Asia offices. Save, send or share your creation to spread the love!

Wishing you good fortune and a happy, healthy start to the New Year.

While you save your tiger as a PNG, why not save tigers in the wild too? Donate to WWF and help reverse the fortune of these unlucky cats – the only endangered animal in the Chinese zodiac.

Main page (Web version)

Main page (Mobile version)

Social Media & Skin Design

Social Media & Skin Design

Please note that this project is under NDA, therefore I am unable to share any details publically. However, I would love to discuss the design processes offline.

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