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World Cheese Award

World Cheese Award is an annual conference that takes place in New York City each year. The conference invites cheesemakers, celebrity chefs, food experts, restaurants and more with special events throughout six days.

Event Logo

My Role

Graphic Designer


Logo & Branding

Promotion Video

Event Visuals


~1 month

Logo & Brand Guideline

To create a modern yet classic brand image for the World Cheese Award, simplistic design is created incorporation with a light texture to show the artisanship and beauty of cheesemaking and cheeses.

Animated Logo

Brand Guideline1.png


Brand Guideline2.png


Event Visuals

For other visuals for the World Cheese Award, a video and a series of posters are created for promotional use, and a set of short videos is designed for stage graphics used during the event.



This video contains audio. Please turn sound on for full experience.

Promotional Video (with audio)

Bus Stop Billboard MockUp 2.jpg

Event Poster

Free 3 Poster Mockup PSD Template.jpg

Event Poster

Stage Graphics - Program List

Stage Graphics - Current Event

Stage Graphics - Up Next

Brand Guideline
Event Visuals
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