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Taiwan Expo

Taiwan Expo 2023 is a branding project focusing on presenting the uniqueness and culture of Taiwan to the rest of the world.

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Vision Statement

The theme of Taiwan Expo 2023, Adapting to the Changing Times, focuses on building a sustainable future that could co-exist with our culture and traditions. The “past” not only refers to our culture and history but also the nature and how we, as human beings, interact with our planet. 

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For Taiwan Expo 2023, the goal is to develop ways for us to better our future with the past we are granted. Countries are invited to share their methods on creating an innovative sustainable future with the incorporation of culture perseverance. Taiwan  Expo 2023 welcomes anyone who is looking for a balance between the preservation of history and advancement in future sustainable technology. This World’s Expo aims to make people reexamine the importance of culture as well as the sacrifices we've made for our social advancement. 


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