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Stop Motion



I worked with Alexandra Palocz on the stop motion project this week. We decided to use yarns as our main object. We thought it would be interesting to have the yarn moving around and interacting with the surrounding. So we tried to find different color/types of yarn in the shop.

The final idea we came up with was to have the yarn moving and eating up objects like the Snake game. As the yarn eats objects of different colors it also changes into the color of the object it ate. We also found some beads in the shop so we decided to match the color of the yarns with the beads.

We had 4 different colors of the yarn: Navy, yellow, pink and blue. We started with the navy as the base color and as the yarn eats the different colored beads, we swap out the yarns to the corresponding color and tied a not at the end of the yarn to suggest the bead was ingested. The yarn will continue eating the beads and changing color 3 times and after the last bead is ingested the yarn will

We tried out different pauses in between major movements to show anticipation, e.g. before the yarn eats the yarn, it stops and leans back a little to charge up the energy. We also made sure to pace the speed of the movements so there’s easing, e.g. when the beads are spit out at the end, the increments of each movement increases exponentially to match how objects move naturally when they’re thrown.


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