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Metaverse Revolutionary Road

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

CLIENT: Superunion

SECTOR: Tech & Digital Services

PARTNER: Mozilla Hubs, AWS

ROLE: Creative Technologist



Collaboration is the sacrosanct definition of creativity. 'The stuff of growth' according to Sir Ken Robinson and 'the essence of great things' in the words of Steve Jobs. It brings diversity of ideas, speed and experimentation, and a pool of skills and experience behind one goal - to do the best work possible. Creative magic happens when people come together - to see, learn, feel, and debate, to spark new ideas and help them take shape and to grow.

When the global lockdown changed the rules of collaboration, it brought us closer together online, any day, any time. But with the freedom of easy connections came responsibility, to stay closer, get to know each other better, and to find a way to create together and to let our ideas flourish in a new way.

For our global company townhall we created the Revolutionary Road: an immersive experience in the metaverse built to gather our people across the world in one place. A new digital space, one as unique as each of our people. The global platform that enables you to be whoever you wanted to be. To meet whoever you wanted to meet. And to feel like you are in the same room as them.


We designed a space as an ode to the creative process, encouraging our team to follow the path of Revolutionary Road. The concept is inspired by the idea of a 'creative revolution'. An idea of creativity that changes the way we see the world and challenges assumptions we take for granted. Inviting us on a journey that requires inspiration, exploration and discovery - a celebration of the journey that our ideas take on the route to revolution.

We begin our journey in the Room of Roots, a room consisting of our greatest inspiration that provides the foundation for all our ideas and pushes the boundaries in our work. Then we continued into the Forest of the Unseen, to find the ideas that we fell in love with but have not yet had the chance to see the light of day. Finally emerging to see the boundless possibilities of our ideas, in the Canopy of the Infinite, representing our limitless potential.

We created this space as a radical experiment, building it brick by brick, polygon by polygon, note by note. Creating an experience which is exciting, engaging, and above all, fun. Encouraging our people to explore. To fly. With secret rooms to find and games to play along the way.

Since the launch of the Revolutionary Road, we continued to use the digital space for meetings presentations, and events. And what started as a one-time virtual event has transformed into a place where we could bring everyone together, no matter who or where they are. To build, to experience and to create together as one.

This project is under an NDA. Please contact me for further information.


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